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Gambling & Sports Betting are an exciting way to take a break from reality, unwind and have a good time. As much as we want our visitors to win big and make their dreams come true, we more importantly encourage responsible gaming & sports betting. We strictly enforce the prevention of gaming by those under the age of 18, which is illegal in all jurisdictions.

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American Football

One of the most loved and popular sport in the United States and Canada, American football is a game which combines physical action with strategy. The main objective of the game is to gain points by advancing with the ball into the other team’s field. American football is a contact sport, some of the players are tall and strong, while some of them are short and snappy. Strength, intelligence  and agility are the most important requirements for this game so that you can perform it perfectly.

To play the game, 11 people are required for each team. The first team will play offensive against the other team, it carries the ball and tries to go to the endzone so they can score. The other team will play in defense and it will try to take the ball. The teams will play like this until the 4 rounds of the match will end. The field on which the game takes place is a rectangular field with a 120 yard length and 53 yard width. The zone between the 20 yard line and the endzone is called redzone.


The first official American football match had been played on 6 November 1869 between the teams Princeton and Rutgers. Each team had 25 players and the game was at that period a combination of soccer and rugby. American football has evolved from Rugby over the years. The first professional instance had been formed on November 12, 1892 and after that in 1920 the National Football League (NFL) was born. NFL was a group of professional teams which had to solve different type of problems, frauds and by 1922 had established itself as the premier professional football league.


Some rules are common to all leagues while some of them are pretty different from league to league. In the United States, NFL is the highest professional level of playing American football.


American football is a full contact sport and it is quite dangerous and violent. Players are forced to wear helmets, masks, knee pads, shoulder pads and different types of body armor to protect themselves against the others. 

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