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How to Bet on Horse Racing


Need professional advice in addition to help on how exactly to bet on horse racing ? Very well , you have come to the best place . Here at How to bet , we have developed a easy to navigate guideline to allow you to understand the distinct horse racing betting markets and exactly what to watch out for before putting a bet . 

Mastering the right way to bet on horse racing is a little more challenging in comparison to picking the one with the perfect odds , if you come across a wide selection of equally matched horses the odds are going to reflect this as well as other factors must be taken into account . There are actually races taking place around the globe and with the majority of them being on tv which makes it an extremely good sport to bet on . 

Since I’m confident you’re aware horse racing might look quite complex to the inexperienced bettor , there are actually a great deal of different types of bet you could put in . These vary from an outright win to each way to a trixie . Let us describe most of these markets here . And to bet successfully on horse racing you have to consider the following aspects : 

1 . Range
The range makes a difference ; certain horses will probably perform much better on longer tracks while some will prefer a sprint . Always verify whether the course is uphill or downhill . 

2 . Form 
Form is really important if you wish to choose a winner , but without doubt anything can happen on the day .Information on how the horse has been performing recently is definitely worth considering . 

3 . Extra weight 
Horses are sometimes required to carry additional weight to make the race fairer , the amount is calculated on their recent form . This has to be taken into consideration . 

4 . Ground/Weather 
As in any specific sport certain athletes perform much better in certain conditions , has the horse had previous form in rainy conditions ? The type of ground is important as if it has been raining the ground will be very soft or soft . Dry is classed as good ground and very dry is classed as firm . 

5 . Course 
How the course is laid out is important , is it uphill/downhill , and is their big fences or water jumps ? Each horse will perform differently at different courses . 

6 . Trainer 
Trainers can have spells where they are constantly producing winners and some produce winners for certain courses or events . 

7 . Jockey 
A jockey is in the race too , he might be better on certain courses or be in a good run of form . 

8 . Box Number 
Where the horse starts in the race can make a difference , if they are in the outside box and there are wide corners this could mean they are running further . 

9 . Class 
Horses are classed form 1 to 7 , with 1 being the highest class . They might be underperforming when racing similar class horses but when put against a lower class they could really perform . 

As you can see there are a lot of factors to look out for , you could consider all these and still have a loser ! But in the long run you will see an improvent in your profits . 

Looking out for special deals is also important when you want to increase your winnings . Paddy power will offer money back specials on certain races , for example if your horse finishes second they will give your money back . Bet365 have the 4/1 special offer , this is on certain races where if you pick a winner which has odds of 4/1 or over they will give you a free bet on the next race . 

I hope this has given you an insight on how to bet on horse racing , take a look at our markets section which goes in depth into the different types of bet you can place . 

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