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Gambling & Sports Betting are an exciting way to take a break from reality, unwind and have a good time. As much as we want our visitors to win big and make their dreams come true, we more importantly encourage responsible gaming & sports betting. We strictly enforce the prevention of gaming by those under the age of 18, which is illegal in all jurisdictions.

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How to become a casino twitcher

How to become a casino twitcher

Twitch is one of the most popular streaming services in the world and a great way to boost your profile and following. One of the great things about it is that while not being absolutely simple, it is relatively straightforward to set up if you know the required steps. Here we detail these for you to get you up and running and streaming your casino exploits via Twitch. Streaming casino games can be quite costly and it is not always easy to make money from it. A retired casino streamer, Casinomon, just made an interview about the subject where he passionate talks about his experience. All questions and answers are in English so just scroll down a bit if you wants to read it.

Hardware and Internet Requirements

Low-quality service will cost you viewers so the better your internet connection and the more powerful your computer the more successful your streaming experience will be. With regards to hardware, go for at least 8GB of RAM and a good quality processor like an i7 920. For your internet connection go with download and upload speeds of at least 5MB, though more is better, and make sure to physically connect your computer to the router rather than use a wireless connection. This will help eliminate dropped frames and increase the quality of the connection. 

Software and Accounts You will Need

First things first - you will need to sign up to Twitch. Spend some time coming up with a username that is both memorable and meaningful, and one that you can use on other social media platforms to promote yourself. Make sure to check that it is available across all platforms and isn't already in use. The next step is obtaining a Stream Key to stream on Twitch. This can be found in the dashboard section of Twitch and keep a copy of the key for later use. Along with a Twitch account, you will, of course, need an account with a casino which you probably already have if you are planning on streaming your casino gaming. Next, you will need software that streams the casino gaming on Twitch. One good open source solution for this is Open Broadcast Software (OBS), which can be downloaded to your computer. Another handy piece of software is Streamlabs which syncs with your account on Twitch and allows the user to display things to viewers such as Donations, Hosts, and Follows to increase interactivity with them. Having a chat room on your stream also helps with interactivity and can be added by downloading and integrating NightDev KapChat with your OBS. 

Having a Schedule

Once you have all of the hardware and software elements in place it is time to create a solid, yet realistic schedule. Creating a schedule that you stick to and that viewers can rely on is one of the key factors in being successful on Twitch. If you can prove your consistency it showcases your professionalism and dedication to gaming. Your viewers will trust and they will appreciate knowing that you are on when you say you will be and will lead to more viewers over time. Trust is critical, and one of the great things about Twitch is the interactive and supportive nature of its viewers.

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